Product Archive Photography for Trojan Wood

As much as people like to imagine that the life of a professional photographer is brimming with glitz and glamour, exotic locations and beautiful models, I can tell you that most of us, actually the vast majority of us, have some fairly meat and potatoes work to commit to for a good chunk of the week. Now don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a moan about how the lucky few get paid to to take photos in the sun all year round, although I could probably write an article around the subject. It’s just reality that if you’re already lucky enough to take pictures for a living, especially in a freelance capacity, you’re probably going to to earn at least some of your income in the cold, or the rain, or both. You won’t be spending week after week photographing a Lamborghini Miura with Charlize Theron draped over the bonnet. You’ll be doing what your core commercial customers need and although you probably won’t get a tan in the process, you’ll get paid. You’ll be able to make your living and in the process your creative output will enable them to be more productive and profitable. To be honest I have always loved this concept. It’s a bit like some kind of commercial relay race. You get handed the baton, do the best job possible and then pass the baton back to the client so they do whatever it is that they do best. Might be importing fruit from Europe, might be cutting hair, might be a corporate event and might even be creating commissioned woodwork and joinery.

Trojan Wood are a local Spalding firm that have been tucked away in deep South Lincolnshire since 1981. They build beautiful custom furniture for private commissions and scale to much larger commercial clients. You have probably even brushed up against one of their handmade retail display cabinets while out shopping and never realised it started it’s life in a Spalding workshop. The team have many decades of experience between them building in every timber material you can imagine and a few more you may never have heard of.

A9K are asked onsite from time to time to help record certain manufactured pieces. These may have particular significance because of the complexity of design, rarity or materials or purely as a permanent record for future reference in the company archives. The shots need to be clear, crisp and well lit. Creativity comes last on the list for jobs like these. It’s more about the photographic accuracy and less about the artistic flare. The images here show a custom shelving unit for a national glasses retailer, complete with head height mirror, constructed from simple plywood and pine. Although the materials are fairly rudimentary in joinery terms , just look how expertly every edge has been pieced together. If there’s anyone reading this that has ever tried to build anything out of ply – you’ll know what I mean. It can be such a pain and yet these units are all immaculate.¬†Future design meetings at Trojan HQ will be able to dip into the product archive and immediately see what the design looked like in the real world. Not just a CAD render or 2D technical drawing.

So even though this is a meat and potatoes job, A9K created the most appropriate images for the project brief. Images that the client can squeeze every last drop of value from. Maybe Lamborghinis next week.

October 25th, 2018|Commercial|