Frequently Asked Questions

What type of photography do you need?

A9K Photo photography services break down into three clearly defined areas. These are:

  • Events photography. Might be a big celebration, party or ball, to something more corporate like an end of year results announcement, awards ceremony, prize giving or charity dinner.
  • Business headshots. An absolute must to project an air of professionalism throughout your business. Packages range from multi-departmental large corporates to one person bands.
  • Commercial. Everything from product, hair & beauty, catwalk & food photography.
  • Weddings – what about weddings? Weddings is a very specialised area and is handled by our sister business L&B Weddings. If you are looking for a wedding package please have a look there.

What is the turnaround time for your photos?

Turnaround time changes depending on the type of job. Product photography may take a couple of weeks because of the large amount of post production editing involved. A business event may be able to be turned around in 24 hours. Some events may even have to be turned around same day to maximise impact for Social Media usage. Call us to discuss any specifics you may have.

There’s Photoshop and then there’s PHOTOSHOP.

Virtually all photos need some editing. At the light end of the scale that might be a crop and rotate to get the horizon straight. At the heavy end it might be a full day streamlining a model with perfect skin and exposure tweaks. So if we say that the shoot will be £x and the post processing will be £y, please bear in mind that the post processing may actually take longer than the shoot itself which is why we are transparent about editing time. This varies massively from job to job, subject matter and final usage but we will happily explain what will need to happen to create your desired results.

Who holds the copyright to the photographs?

Technically, the photographer who takes the photo holds the copyright. There are a few exceptions to this rule however, but if you would like to take sole possession of copyright we can talk through beforehand and build it into your package. Quite a common example where copyright goes to the client is a large corporate may want their content to remain private in perpetuity. Therefore we would hand over the project for them to use as they wish and not publish ourselves for A9K marketing purposes at all.

What about travel, where can a shoot take place?

Travel is no problem. National or even international jobs can be happily accommodated. When travel is incorporated into a job the key to an easy life is planning, planning and a bit more planning. As long as everyone is on the same page with the “wheres” and the “whens”, a job should run as smoothly as if it’s on your doorstep. A9K work with duplicates of all professional equipment – at least 2 of everything, sometimes 3. If something were to malfunction on a live job, shadow photographic equipment is already onsite ready to spring into action. All photographic content is also shot onto dual redundant memory cards – on every single job.

Do you need physical prints as well as digital?

Most projects are provided solely as digital. This is the age we live in after all. You can get your content either via a download link or a USB memory stick. Sometimes you might need actual physical prints. Although we would probably avoid generating standard 6″x4″ prints for you as these can easily be purchased from a range of providers even on the high street, we can generate large format printing in a variety of not so common materials. Large really does mean LARGE too. We can produce dimensions of many metres by many metres.

External shoots and weather in the UK, don’t panic.

The weather in the UK is what it is. Don’t panic. Because of the lighting kit that we bring to your job, real life sunshine is not a necessity. Sometimes a bright sunny day can even be detrimental. The things that can get tricky are heavy rain and wind but with some logical and practical planning we will do our best to avoid cancellation and get the results you need.

Privacy and working with corporate customers.

To certain customers privacy is business critical. If a job needs an NDA or copyright handoff that’s no problem at all. Please mention it when discussing your project so we can fine tune a working contract. A9K has had many years working with a variety of businesses and privacy has never been an issue. Naturally, private customers are welcome to the same service levels if needed.

How long are projects held on file?

Unless otherwise agreed, photography project export files are held on A9K secure servers for 3 months on an offsite RAID10 disk array. This is the folder you receive as the client after payment is cleared. This timescale may vary by a week or so either way depending on the exact date a project is archived. When the project export finals are deleted, they are non recoverable. The project master files sometimes stay on the servers much longer and future exports may be possible but it’s always best for you to make sure your final images are backed up your end. Better safe than sorry. In digital terms there is an old data centre saying that goes “one copy is none, two copies is one”. I’m sure you get the idea. If long term archival and retrieval is required, we can custom design a package just for you.

Why can’t I see any examples of weddings. Do you do wedding photography?

Weddings are such a specific type of niche job that we handle anything wedding related over at our sister site, L&B Weddings. We set L&B up specifically to provide wedding photography.

Email and phone are great but would you like to meet face to face to discuss the job?

If you’d like to discuss your project with a real life human, please get in touch through the bookings page. We are happy to talk through any aspect to work wether it be the legal nitty gritty or the creative end.